I have several small round to oval shaped objects stuck in different places in their enclosure.

House gecko eggs. At a distance the asian house gecko is very similar to the native dtella but can be distinguished by a series of small spines or tubercules along back and edges of tail in its original state and lower back. How to care for a leopard gecko egg. They keep the homes safe from spiders and other insects.

They dont transfer deadly diseases like mosquitoes or cockroaches nor do they bite and suck blood from humans like bed bugs do. Lizards specifically the common house gecko are one of the few house pests that dont pose harm or danger to humans. These species are mostly found in parts of southern asia.

The common house gecko hemidactylus frenatus not to be confused with the mediterranean species hemidactylus turcicus known as mediterranean house gecko is a reptile native of southeast asia. Their poo sometimes contains white but they are almost never pure white. House geckos also known as mediterranean geckos are great reptiles for beginners as well as experienced reptile owners as they are cheap to buy and easy to care for.

How to care for a house gecko duration. Has anyone ever seen the eggs of th common and inexpensive house gecko. Characteristics of house gecko.

And lay their eggs in the entrance rugmade out of vegetal fibers square shaped or as i call them. Infact they also inhabit the warmer regions across the globe. All asian house gecko toes have claws but the inner toes of dtella are clawless.

You need to incubate gecko eggs to allow them to hatch safely using either a homemade or store bought. If your gecko lays eggs its important that you care for them properly to assure they will hatch. They are more popular as small lizards that wander on the walls of ones house.

These are pure white. These hardy little lizards are named. They are not in clusters but rather singly amoung the plastic plants.

Geckos reproducing at home.

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